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Our mission is to effectively educate individuals about the disease of addiction so they may live healthier lives.

Our nation's opioid epidemic is a dramatic example of how devastating addiction can be.

NextRightThing.org's purpose is to make Continuing Addiction Education available to the individual, group, classroom, company and organization.

We are ready to educate you or your organization to do the Next Right Thing.

Call us at 312.635.2525.

Let's get started!

Our Pharmacology students once again enjoyed Dr. Daniel's presentation. One male student told me he's better equipped to face the "chemical war chest." I really appreciate bringing you in as an expert to speak to them. It lent more credibility to what we've been teaching them when we bring in a substance abuse expert. See you next semester.

Professor of Pharmacology, Chicago University

Thank you for your time and expertise. I felt the training was excellent! Very helpful for my interaction with patients. I would like you to come back for more training. Great packet of materials that I will keep for reference.

Chief Clinical Officer, FQHC Primary Care Provider

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